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  4. About us

    Golden Ace Industrial Co.,Ltd started out in 1992 as a trading company. Today we have expanded and diversified into manufacturing a vast volume of kinds of glasswares.

    We have ixpertise in producing. Today many of out products especially mouth blown glass-are manufactured by our own,with our new electric stoves,which ensures the quality and protects the designs of both our customers' and our own.We still work closely with a network of believable suppliers throughout China.

    Golden Ace has successfully passed the IOS9001 both in manufacturing and business service fields.We have a very stable group of quality people working on the oven and being well organized, we also decorate or gift packthe products we produce if needed.

    Golden Ace is active and has the most open mind accepting new ideas or thingks from you,very willing to grow together with you through non-stop self-improving and designing. Weunderstand the needs of our customers from diverse markets around the world and sincerely welcome visitors to our showroom and furnace working plant in Zibo after an appointment.

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